Community-Driven Development and Reconstruction

CDD/R, an approach to development that gives control and investment resources directly to communities, is a major instrument of international organizations as well as national governments in the Global South. CDD/R is thought to lead not only to increased economic welfare, but improved governance and strengthened social cohesion as well. Evidence of these effects, though, lags behind faith and financial commitments and there is much to learn through research. I am working with Amanda Beatty, Ariel BenYishay, Aniceto Orbeta and Menno Pradhan to study the Philippines' flagship CDD project through a large-scale randomized control trial over the course of five years. I teach an innovative field-based course building on this study called Community-Driven Development, Data, and Discovery for NYU Abu Dhabi. I have also worked on several systematic reviews of studies of CDD/R. I am interested in continuing to learn about the potential for communities to lead their own development and peacebuilding efforts.

In partnership with Innovations for Poverty Action, the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Government of the Philippines.